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Webometry works with SME clients to create original, quality, helpful website content that showcases their expertise and inspires trust in their brand. We use SEO (search engine optimisation) best practice to market content on search engines, aiming to increase organic traffic to our clients’ websites and encourage conversions.

Webometry has inherited the SEO and content services developed by Sentence Case, which have benefited our SME clients since 2015. On the Sentence Case website, SEO and content were separate. With massive changes in the search environment, we decided to combine these offerings into one integrated service. We see this as providing the greatest benefit for our clients.

Integrated SEO and content services

SEO (search engine optimisation)

In 2024, achieving the highest organic rankings possible for your website revolves around creating helpful, unique, trustworthy content for people first instead of search engines. This may sound contradictory! It doesn’t mean keywords are no longer important, rather the emphasis has changed. Our SEO service implements best practice technical, off-page, and on-page optimisations. We keep abreast of all the latest SEO developments, including the impact of AI features in search (SGE).

Helpful, high-value website content

Whether you’re retailing products on an e-commerce store or offering professional services to other businesses, content design always precedes website design. First, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your business and your customers’ needs. Then we’ll craft a content plan for your website that lays the foundation for writing. We’ll ensure your content is helpful for users, consistently formatted, free of errors, and easy to understand and navigate.

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Search engine marketing (SEM)

Combine the power of SEO and PPC to dominate search! We’ll craft an SEM campaign with targeted search ads to instantly drive traffic and leads to your site, while building your brand’s presence and trust organically. Includes flexible budget control, and measurable results for data-driven decisions.

CRO (conversion rate optimisation)

We can conduct a bespoke website audit to identify the potential barriers to lead conversion on your website. We may need to dive deeper by analysing user flows and conducting A/B testing. Depending on the results, we can recommend and undertake measures to optimise the website’s user experience and improve your conversion rate.

Our SEO and content process

"What is the secret to ranking better? Well, there’s no secret, sorry. Having a website that’s on a technically strong foundation, with awesome content, is a great way to start.”

Helpful, high-value website content is a gift that keeps on giving, yielding returns year after year. This success is 100% organic – zero paid dollars and no investment beyond the initial cost of creation and periodic checks to track how the content is performing, with perhaps the odd in-flight adjustment.

The cost of acquiring a visitor significantly decreases over time, as the ratio of paid vs. unpaid begins to alter. High-value content will also improve the ROI of other channels such as email and paid ads.

It’s crucial to focus on the long-term ROI from valuable optimised content rather than short-term results. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

If your website isn’t cutting the mustard – maybe you’re getting complaints from visitors or losing business, then get in touch and we’ll take a look. We may recommend undertaking a website review as a preliminary stocktake (see accordion).

If the signs are propitious, you may choose to partner with us to pursue an optimisation campaign (see accordion). We’ve been optimising websites and creating high-value content for many a long year, and we know what we’re about. We’d love to help you secure a prosperous future for your online business!

Comprehensive review of your website’s content and its performance on search engines to highlight areas for improvement. This is pretty much a prerequisite for any subsequent work, such as our SEO content tune-up or bells & whistles campaign.

We may begin with a questionnaire to help us understand your business and your customers’ needs.

We will investigate any specific problems you’ve been experiencing, such as lower than expected traffic from the organic search channel, or slow page loading speed. We’ll assess your website, looking in particular at:

  • Does your content meet the required standards for ranking on search engines?
  • Does your website present visitors with a quality experience?
  • Is your website correctly configured technically?
  • Is your website set up to convert leads?
  • Are you able to track the performance of your website?
  • Is your Google Business Profile correctly configured? (Important if you have a bricks and mortar location like a shop or an office.)

We will provide you with a report with our assessments and recommendations in plain English. We can confirm the cost of the review once we’ve carried out a preliminary check.

Based on the findings from the website review, we will draw up an action plan to tune up your site, bringing it into line with Google’s minimum requirements, including:

  • Getting the SEO basics right, including addressing any technical shortcomings.
  • Providing a good page experience for your site visitors.
  • Providing helpful, reliable, people-first content.
  • Ensuring your content is original, trustworthy and authoritative, and reflects your expertise and/or experience. This is especially important for “Your Money or Your Life” topics.
  • Recommend and assist with updating content, minimise duplicate content and remove “zombie” content.
  • Optimising search snippets – titles and meta-descriptions.
  • Implementing structured data – a standardised format for providing Google with extra information about pages.
  • Correctly configuring data-gathering tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and configuring tracking tags.
  • Optimising for local search, including titles and Google Business Profile.

We recommend a period of engagement lasting no less than 3 months for this SEO content tune-up. We can provide a quote for the project based on the website review and a conversation to confirm your objectives.

The Webometry bells & whistles campaign is an intensive engagement, with customised elements and goals aimed at transforming your online business.

The campaign may include all of the elements from the SEO content tune-up, plus CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to prepare for a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, with paid ads and organic content marketing combined.

We will aim to create pieces of new content, for example a series of blog articles, based on topic research. We can market this content on your social media accounts (having first checked that these are correctly configured and optimised).

We recommend an engagement period of about 6 months for this project. Contact us to discuss your bells & whistles campaign. Let us help fill up your sales funnel, while strengthening your organic performance for long-term ROI!

Website optimisation work storyboard

Here are some visual highlights of our recent work on content and SEO:

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