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Webometry develops, launches and manages digital advertising campaigns for businesses that are serious about promoting their brand, generating leads and igniting their sales.

The minimum media budget we work with for paid search ads is NZ$1000 per month, excluding management fees, and a 3-month minimum campaign duration is required. Many years of industry experience informs us that a media budget and timeframe less than this doesn’t achieve the traction required for a successful campaign, across most industry segments.

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Who is Webometry and what makes us different?

Webometry consists of a small team with expertise in digital advertising, website optimisation and content design, based in New Zealand. We keep our client list at a level that enables us to offer a tailored, personal level of service. You will never feel like just a number, and we value communication highly. We report monthly on campaigns in plain English and are always available to answer your questions. We are transparent about our fees and work conscientiously to get the best possible return on your investment in digital ads. 

The Webometry team is led by Alex Staines (that’s him in the picture). Alex has decades of business experience in project management, journalism, web content design and creation, and SEO (search engine optimisation). Prior to creating Webometry, Alex ran Sentence Case, a business he founded in 2015 to provide custom digital content solutions.

Alex Staines’s profile on LinkedIn.

Our digital advertising services

Search Ads

We run targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search engines such as Google and Bing to drive qualified traffic to a selected landing page. Includes keyword research, ad copy creation, landing page design and copy, bid management, and ongoing optimisation to maximise the efficiency of your search ad spend.

Display Advertising

We design and implement display banner ads and launch them on relevant websites and platforms to create brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your website. We leverage demographic and interest-based targeting to ensure your display ads reach the right audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Combine the power of SEO and paid ads to dominate search! We’ll craft an SEM campaign with targeted search ads to instantly drive traffic and leads to your site, while building your brand’s presence and trust organically. Includes flexible budget control, and measurable results for data-driven decisions.

Social Media Advertising

We create and manage social ad campaigns to reach your target audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok (whichever is relevant), tailored to suit your SMO objectives. We offer copywriting, ad creative development, audience targeting, and ongoing optimisation to elevate your brand, drive traffic and generate leads.

Shopping Ads

Boost product visibility and sales with expertly crafted shopping ads on Google and Bing. Forget complex campaign setup and ongoing management. We handle it all, from product feed optimisation to keyword targeting and bid adjustments. Drive qualified shoppers to your site and maximise ROI. Let our expertise shape your e-commerce success.

Remarketing Campaigns

(If chosen and with sufficient budget)

We set up remarketing campaigns to re-engage users who have previously visited your website but didn’t convert. By showing them tailored ads across various platforms, we can increase the likelihood of them returning to your website and completing a desired action.

Our digital advertising process

An effective digital campaign relies upon:

  • a comprehensive brief, targeting the right audience on the right channel for your business,
  • a realistic advertising budget,
  • a campaign duration of at least 3 months,
  • ad creative that hits the mark with the audience,
  • and content designed to capture leads or conversions from the ads.


If we’re a good fit to work with you, we will get alongside you to learn about your business, your marketing goals, and especially who you are selling to. We will check your website for helpful content quality, user friendliness, and to identify suitable target pages. If you are advertising on your social channels, we will check these to make sure they are configured correctly.

Following this discovery phase, we will put our heads together and send you a proposal covering how we will develop, launch and manage your digital ads campaign, including full costs.

Upon proposal acceptance, the crucial setup phase includes:

  • Ensure that the platforms and tools we will use to run the campaign are correctly implemented, configured and aligned, and that we have the permissions and verifications we need.
  • Ensure your website and/or social media accounts are sufficiently optimised for the ads campaign you desire. We may recommend creating a discrete landing page for ads targeting instead of existing pages on the website.
  • Implement code to track user interactions from paid search and/or social channels, and measure conversions.
  • Create the ads themselves. We create ad copy in-house. For any graphic design work required, such as for a landing page on the website, display advertising or graphics for social media, we can send specs for these to your chosen designer, or we can provide a quote for our designer to complete this work.
  • Any photos or videos required for social media campaigns will be provided by you. If we need to access a paid stock library for pictures, this will be charged additionally to our management fee.

We charge a one-off fee to complete the setup process for your advertising campaign, with any graphic design costs additional.

We run final checks to ensure everything is ready and then switch on your ads. Your campaign is under way!

Our management fee includes:

  • Continual management, monitoring and optimisation of your advertising campaign to ensure you get the best value for your budget.
  • Adjustment of ad copy if required.
  • Monthly reporting on the performance of your campaign in plain English.
  • Adjustments to platform setup, tracking tags, etc may be required to ensure the campaign runs optimally.

Client campaign snapshot

Results from the first 3 months of a Google search ads campaign for a New Zealand B2C business in the home improvement industry. Prices in NZD:

Click-through rate (CTR)


(approx. industry average = 4.80%)

Conversion rate


(approx. industry average = 10.22%)

Cost per click (CPC)


(approx. industry average = $10.78)

Cost per lead


(approx. industry average = $108.69)

Other campaign services include:

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We conduct on-demand website audits to identify potential barriers to conversion and then make recommendations for improving conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our team can help your website improve its organic rankings on search engines and attract more organic traffic through our comprehensive SEO services.

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